Pathfinder Central

Pathfinder Central is a consortium of libraries in Central Kansas and is administered by the Central Kansas Library System. Pathfinder libraries share an integrated library system (catalog, circulation, etc.). Pathfinder Central is built on Koha, which is open source. We contract with Bywater Solutions to provide hosting and support.

Use these reports for the ANNUAL REPORT:

#1244 *2016 Deletions for State Report
#1221 *2016 Total Added in 2016
#1503 *2016 Items Owned at Beginning of Year
#1511 *2016 Items Owned at the End of Year
#1132 *Checkouts & Renewals by Collection
#1561 *Patron Count by Category

PILL Circulation Counts
Borrowing: #896 *PILL Borrows for Select Time Period
Lending: #897 *PILL Lending for Select Time Period